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Post: Invest-NL secures €350M in guarantees for Dutch sustainable ventures through InvestEU partnership: Know more



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Amsterdam-based Invest-NL, a Dutch national financing and development institution, announced that it has signed a guarantee agreement with InvestEU in Brussels in the presence of Minister Micky Adriaansens (Economic Affairs and Climate), EU Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni (Economy) and Rinke Zonneveld (CEO Invest-NL). 

This agreement promises to reduce investment risk and opens doors to substantial opportunities for Dutch projects. Notably, Invest-NL became the first implementing partner of InvestEU in the Netherlands.

According to the European Commission, this collaboration could provide Invest-NL up to €350M in guarantees, potentially translating into €750M in investments within the Netherlands. 

With the €350M, Invest-NL aims to support companies in the energy transition, Deeptech, and demo plants in the coming years with European guarantees. 

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“Today was an important highlight in our still young existence. After more than two years of negotiations, we are now the implementing partner for InvestEU in the Netherlands. A unique position for us as a national financing and development institution to mobilise even more European capital and thus finance even more sustainable and innovative projects and companies,” says Rinke Zonneveld, CEO of Invest-NL in a LinkedIn post

Invest-NL, a National Financing and Development Institution, recognizes the need for innovative solutions and bold investments to tackle the social and economic challenges of the future. 

Their mission is to provide financing for projects that are often considered too risky. One of their primary objectives is to unlock more European capital.

“Now that we are an implementing partner of InvestEU, we can develop even more beautiful financing instruments for a sustainable and innovative Netherlands in the coming years,” adds Zonneveld.

What is InvestEU?

The InvestEU program is a European Union initiative that aims to attract private investment to promote economic growth, innovation, sustainability, and employment and to facilitate access for businesses.  

Various European financing instruments have been combined in InvestEU to mobilise more capital.

The InvestEU programme intends to mobilise more than €372B in financing across Europe by 2027. 

It will prioritise the EU’s strategic objectives, such as the European Green Deal, digital transformation, and social projects related to education, health, and housing. 

Invest-NL: Financing and development institution

Invest-NL is the Dutch national financing and development institution. As an impact investor, Invest-NL focuses on enabling financing for companies initially considered unfinanceable. 

The Dutch firm focuses on critical societal challenges in collaboration with other financiers, investors, and development specialists in the public and private sectors. 

It includes moving towards a carbon-neutral and circular economy, ensuring affordable and accessible healthcare, and supporting deep technological innovations. 

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